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Experience and developed detailed knowledge of many years help us to provide you with a profound and balanced advice as a result.

We meet our clients’ expectations by identifying and implementing values for you. Our company combines tradition and modern techniques.

In the area of advisory services, we provide you with excellent business connections through our many years of experience.

Our main objective is to advice with recommendations that meet  your needs for asset protection and your expectations.

Our approach is to identify and select only assets that meet our clients’ objectives.

In doing so, we pay special attention to:


Security through careful selection and diversification.


Our most important aim is to preserve and conservatively increase your assets.


In our advisory services, we put particular emphasis on explaining correlations and figures to you in a way that is easy to understand.


are important components for our target of preserving assets.


Regular review of your various assets in order to ensure a balanced between opportunities and diversification.


Our understanding is to offer our clients a high degree of value added through flexibility and service orientation.

The satisfaction of our clients is the source of our success

We will help to preserve your assets and will advise in all stages of life. Your needs, ideas and goals should always be our focus.

Your security

You always control your assets.

We advise on your behalf – without any direct access to your individual  assets.

Continuous support to our clients in a spirit of partnership is a of our daily business. In discussions with you, we analyse your current values and adapt future buying and selling strategies to current market conditions and your ideas.


Based on an analysis of your personal wishes and time schedule, we prepare an individueal strategy that is  tailored to your expectations.

We discuss your current situation with you and present possibilities. In doing so, we explain the considerations of the strategy chosen and also check your understandig . We want you to have the best possible understanding  of the strategies that are intended to preserve and moderately increase your assets.

At least once a year we will talk together, review what has been achieved, discuss the present situation, answer questions and fix the future strategy fot your assets.

Heiko – T. Taudien

Fine Wine

( G  – UK – UAE )

Valentin Brodbecker

Fine Wine Estates


Investing in older wines is safer because the assessments are fixed. They are no longer futures. In addition, the quantity offered decreases through consumption.

Valentin Brodbecker, Oktober 2016

Pleasure has its value. And the value increases the more people strive for enjoyment. That is why wines of the world are not only enjoyed, but also collected to profit from their rising value. The best of them are a kind of blue chips that can bring their owner handsome returns - provided they understand something about this business., 2017

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